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Get to know more about our pharmacy, our mission, and what we hope to fulfill.

Our Mission

To supply long-term care facilities with cost-effective and quality health products and pharmacy services that are necessary to promote their residents’ good overall health. Together with our experience and expertise in the field, as well as our sincere desire to serve, our clients will have their health needs addressed on time and on point.

About Fort Lewis Pharmacy

pharmacists standingAs a long-term care pharmacy in Salem, Virginia, Fort Lewis Pharmacy offers the pharmaceutical services and client-centered care you need. We can help your facility fulfill the medication needs of your patients by providing special packaging, medication management, consultation, and more.

Our staff members have the training, experience, and passion for promoting health and wellness. They will gladly work together with you to help your patients take their medicines as prescribed. Ultimately, our goal is simple—to improve our clients’ medication adherence in order to enhance their health and create a positive change in their lives.

For more about our pharmacy, feel free to reach us at 540-380-4681.