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Improving inpatient care with E-MAR.

pharmacist in the laboratoryIn the United States, over 700,000 adverse drug events occur annually—leading to the growing use of the electronic medication administration record, or E-MAR. Because paper and other forms of non-digital records tend to be misread, incomplete, or misplaced, nurses need a method that can help them make sure that their patients’ medications are administered and tracked correctly. This is where E-MAR comes in, a solution that we provide at Fort Lewis Pharmacy.

With E-MAR, we can help long-term facilities improve the way they administer medications to their residents. The benefits of using E-MAR include:

  • Information will quickly move from the prescribing physician, to the pharmacist, and then to the bedside nurse
  • Nurses will be able to view the exact order of medications and then go to their patients’ electronic records. This promotes an effective workflow.
  • Incorporating FDB MedKnowledge and FDB OrderKnowledge into your system encourages more precise medication administration records, charting, and reconciliation.
  • Drug knowledge content structures make it easier to comply with standards for bedside barcode scanning

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